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An 18-year-old who tried to commit suicide 3 times encountered Jesus

Updated: May 17

Unforgettable moments like these, remind us all how good our Lord Jesus Christ is. Meet CJ, an 18-year-old who tried to commit suicide 3 times! Meet my 23-year-old Pastor David Sangalang who traveled several miles to minister the gospel to the forgotten areas of the Philippines. What CJ didn’t know, was that the Lord had already revealed to David’s team about a young man trying to commit suicide. That night by divine appointment, pastor David hears the Lord say, “take a walk”. That was the same night CJ and David met. CJ was alone on the street crying his eyes out.

David shared the gospel, the good news about Jesus with a hurting CJ. And Here comes the power of the Holy Spirit delivering this young man from suicidal thoughts. Only he can explain this feeling of a supernatural encounter. He witnessed an encounter that no one can take away from him. Guess what CJ does next! He invites his friends to come to witness the pure and powerful unconditional love of Jesus!! Imagine CJ explaining to his friends what happened that night. His friends ended up giving their lives to the Lord and began immediately studying the Bible! We are living in the book of Acts. We are the living testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ! And The evidence of His love is on the cross! Yes! Jesus died for you and me and it’s not a fairy tale.

Philippines, “The Forgotten will be Remembered“ says the Lord! Jesus always leaves the 99 and Stops for the One! To God be ALL The Glory! - Abena Sharon Fletcher

CJ encounters Jesus and the power of the Holyspirit:

The very place David met CJ sitting on the street in tears at night. They give God ALL the glory!

CJ brings his friends to meet the man Jesus who rescued him.

His friends surrender their life- not to a religion but to Jesus!!

They begin studying the scriptures! The sane scriptures archeologist use to find evidence of the existence of Jesus the son of the living God!

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