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Portrait of happy african mother and daughter face to face while hug each other - Family,
Portrait of happy african mother and daughter face to face while hug each other - Family,

Empowerment Through Education

Education is one of FPI's global core vision for a world where lack of knowledge negatively impact the overall health and wealth of families. FPI is passionate about equipping communities with the acumen and guidance needed to self-sustain families. We are tackling poverty at its core through the following training modules:

  • Efficiency and Accountability  Training

  • Project Development

  • Personal Financial Management

  • Human Capital Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Vocational Training

STEM Programs

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is the backbone of every nation looking to compete on a global level. At FPI, we are dedicated to introducing STEM education to children at an early age to spark interest in innovation. Our global vision is to implement programs designed to provide hands-on education and experience for children around the world. With proper nurturing and guidance, we believe every child has innate abilities that can change society. With this in mind, FPI's goal is to partner with Technology companies around the world to help raise the next generation of innovators.

Using the Computer
Image by Hush Naidoo Jade Photography

Community Healthcare Services

One indicator of a thriving community is the personal health of its people. FPI has a goal to establish healthcare facilities in areas that are in most need of healthcare services to treat the sick and give hope to help them thrive. 

Roofers at Work


FPI believes that everyone should have a safe and decent place to lay down at night. Today, more and more people lack places to sleep and are left vulnerable on the streets or under unsafe structures. We are on a quest to provide shelter for the most vulnerable people with the help of your support. 

Roofers at Work
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