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As an African, I grew up in some of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty was never hidden, and I always pondered how I could be part of the solution.

The vision of Forgotten Places began to stir up from within me after several vivid dreams I had in 2018. I had just spent time with the Lord and asked one question: Show me what is on your heart. I began to have a series of dreams which helped me realize God's fierce love to rescue the lost.

I saw real faces of children that were sexually abused. Some were in the midst of war zones in Africa. My dreams took me to the poorest of the poor - to the slumps of the forgotten places where they spoke a language I could not speak. They dug through the trash for their daily meals. The one thing we had in common was our human identity; we were all created in God's image.

Little did I know that one kind gesture would change everything. In the dream, I stretched out my hand to one particular girl who was pregnant. "I am here to help," I whispered. I prayed over her but also gave her enough resources that changed not only her life but an entire generation to come. That morning, I woke up saying "Lord send me and I will go."

Himalayas Nepal

​Forgotten Places is about reaching the poorest of the poor by using self-sustaining ways to tackle poverty. We are here to bring resources to equip those in need, so they can have access to the basic necessities of life. We are raising economic world changers!

Our Mission is to encounter more of who Jesus is as we unconditionally love the forgotten people in forgotten places.
Our Vision is to see every man, woman, and child live their God-given purpose regardless of their economic background or religious beliefs.
Our Values are rooted in Biblical principles and operate in the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We work with diligence and integrity as men and women who have a heavenly calling to make a difference on earth.
2022 Missions – Nepal


Ndola, Zambia 1990's

Rescuing Abandoned Babies (Mercy Rescue, Kenya)

Who ever thought my childhood best friend growing up in a little town in Ndola, Zambia, and I would be reconnected again after 22 years of lost contact. The Lord pressed on my heart to look for her in 2012, but I had no clue where to begin because I didn't remember her last name.


After a relentless online search, the Lord reconnected us once again via social media. Out of the millions of names on Facebook, one name suddenly rang a bell. I sent her our old childhood picture and the rest is history.


It was perfect timing; she had left everything in the UK to run Mercy Rescue, an orphanage that rescue's abandoned babies. They were in need, and I was honored to partner with my childhood best friend to answer Jesus' call.


From childhood friendship to partnership! Now You get to join us on this incredible journey of rescuing more abandoned babies. 


Click the following link for more information about Mercy Rescue Center.

Transportation for a school in Lira, Uganda

For years, I have tried to answer the call on my own. But Lira, Uganda, sparked a light in me to officially launch Forgotten Places, Inc. I had no idea my one donation could make such a big impact for Elwa Sunrise School. What if more people could join in to make bigger future impacts in the lives of people all  around the world! 

Himalayas Nepal Thomas with child

Empowering Missionaries

Thomas and I first met in 2019 on a missions trip to Brazil.

I heard his incredible story about how the Lord saved him and his passion to reach the lost back home in Argentina. Little did we know that the Lord would call us to partner together to reach the forgotten people in Nepal. After 41 hours of travel and 10 days sleeping in bags on the cold floors of the Himalayas, we got to see the love of Jesus for the forgotten people.


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