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FPI Outreach

Below are mission programs in need of immediate funding. FPI works with our trusted partners to find areas around the world that have no media attention but are in dire need of help. 


Vocational Training School, Uganda

Due to the surge of COVID-19, schools had to be shut down in Uganda, resulting in several school-aged girls getting pregnant, up to 85% in some districts. Lisa Okello, a missionary and co-founder of Elwa Sunrise Schools in Uganda is passionate about using her creativity, love for fashion, and her love for God's Word to create a vocational training school that will disciple youth to know God deeply. Her clothing line "CIL"--meaning holy, beautiful or pure in the local language of Lira, Uganda--will teach young girls and boys about their identity in Jesus and how to make Him known to others. They will also learn how to create fashionable clothing and jewelry that will provide young girls, single mothers, and youth with sustainable skills for their future. The need is great but our God is greater! FPI is standing together with Lisa in Uganda.

Haven of Rest, South Africa

For over 20 years, Haven of Rest has reached out to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of a wide demographic in Tongaat, South Africa. Haven of Rest is home for the orphans and the elderly, a place of refuge for abused women, a medical clinic for the sick, a school and a rehabilitation center for substance abuse survivors. Founders Dr. Ronnie & Pastor Shirley Naidoo provide over 350 meals everyday. Covid strongly hit South Africa, causing the loss of many lives and major donors to Haven of Rest. FPI is standing in the gap to help continue this mission. Please come along side us to be God's hands and God's feet.

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Marechal Deodoro, Alagoas-Brazil

A few years ago, I sponsored a young man from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but what I didn't know was that this would be a divine connection and an answer to God's passionate heart's desire to reach the forgotten in Brazil.

Alessio Pompilio, the director of FPI's South America Missions, began his Christian journey at a small church of Pastor Joel de Augusto and his wife Tereza. For many years, they have responded to the call to help the most vulnerable in the remote areas of Brazil. After the passing of Pastor Joel just two years ago, Tereza has continued his legacy, and she is not alone; FPI stands hand in hand to help bring the Gospel and feed the poorest of the poor through her ministry, which is located in the forgotten areas of Brazil.

Three Trees Children's Home, Dominican Republic & Haiti

John and Melissa Hanley were a tremendous source of support when I first immigrated from Africa to the USA. Melissa gave me rides to college for late night classes when I had no way of getting home. Melissa and John eventually sold the little they had to be truly God's hands and feet in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. They both reside in the DR with their children's home (17 kids) and a transition home for young men who are still trying to finish their high school education. FPI is standing together with Three Trees Ministry to answer the Lord's call. More about Three Trees Ministries is in the link below.

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Restoration to Rwanda

Restoration is the word God has spoken over Rwanda. Our Director of global operations, Esperance Kabalisa, was born and raised as a refugee in a rural village in Burundi. She was not counted as a child worth investing in, so today she fights for the rights of the vulnerable in Rwanda.  She leads the fight in combatting malnutrition in Africa as a Supply Chain Manager for one of Africa's largest Food Organizations. Esperance is passionate about bringing restoration to her native Rwandan people through her personal ministry, ABL (Abundant & Balanced Life). Its mission is to provide high quality mental health care and preventative services to the people of Rwanda. FPI is joining the call to help the most vulnerable women and children as we bring restoration to the lives of the forgotten.

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