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Bringing Hope to Forgotten Tribes

The CEO of Forgotten Places, Inc., shares her heartfelt experience of reaching out to a forgotten tribe, serving the Lord by providing for those in need. She witnesses the fulfillment of the Lord's promise: "The Forgotten Will be Remembered!"

The FPI is supported by the sacrificial efforts of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, embarked on a journey filled with joy and purpose. Upon arrival, they were greeted by eager tribe children who had been waiting since dawn. Throughout the day, they shared the unconditional love of Jesus, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

In a heartwarming update, they learned that more tribes have been drawn to the church after experiencing the love of Jesus. The church, once empty, now overflows with eager souls seeking baptism—a true testament to the power of the gospel!

The Mountain Tribe Mission with Pastor Ever, provided essential provisions such as rice, clothing, school supplies, and even solar panels, meeting both physical and spiritual needs. The FPI founder, Sharon, expresses gratitude to all who generously supported the mission, reminding them of God's promise to reward their kindness. As she concludes, she urges others to join in the mission of bringing hope to the forgotten. She quotes Matthew 25:40, emphasizing the importance of serving the least among us as an act of service to the Lord Himself.

May we all be inspired to be the hands and feet of Jesus, reaching out to those in need with love and compassion!

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