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Empowering Education: How Forgotten Places Inc. is Changing Lives in the Philippines

Updated: Apr 19

Our Founder and CEO, the driving force behind Forgotten Places Inc. (FPI), embarked on a remarkable journey to the Dualtech Training Center Foundation in the Philippines, a pivotal institution for training underprivileged scholars.

At Dualtech, FPI witnessed the transformative impact of education firsthand. With over a thousand scholars trained annually and partnerships with a hundred companies, Dualtech equips its students with the necessary skills for employment.

Under our CEO's support, FPI sponsored 14 students from Mindoro, Philippines. These students are currently undergoing on-the-job training and are poised to secure jobs in the near future.

For FPI, this journey represents the realization of their vision for a world where education empowers families. By providing communities with knowledge and resources, we can actively break the cycle of poverty.

We are grateful for the help and support of FPI’s Team, Donors, and Partners from around the world. Together, we believe that we are not merely changing lives—we are shaping futures, one student at a time.

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