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From Blindness to Belief to Answering God's Call

THe FPI's founder, Sharon Fletcher recently met her dear friend and brother, Joseph Sergio, affectionately known as Papa Joe, in Mozambique. His testimony of how King Yeshua healed his blind eye is truly remarkable. Once a typical businessman, Joe was both physically and spiritually blind until he experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit.

Upon hearing Sharon's stories about the tribes in the Philippines, Papa Joe felt compelled to visit them on her behalf. Enduring over 28 hours of flight, he was warmly welcomed by Sharon's incredible Filipino team of believers.

Joe has devoted his life to King Jesus and stands ready to walk alongside Sharon, believing for the impossible to become possible! Sharon expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the Philippines for embracing him so warmly.

Pastor David, along with Papa Joe, ministered at Church Of Emmanuel Holiness Philippines Inc. in Mindoro, headed by Pastor Ever. They prayed for healing, provision, and love to overflow through every member of the Mindoro tribe, just as God promised in Jeremiah 30:17, 'For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,' says the Lord.

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