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FPI Outreach in Nepal- 2022 Missions

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

"A whole month of our experience in this incredible nation (Nepal) is unforgettable. Most of the people who lived there were sick with vomiting, diarrhea, and even Covid, but none of that could ruin God's call for us to help the Forgotten People in Nepal" Thomas Gonzales

I pray the Gospel that we have shared was marked on their hearts!

Dear Nepal 🇳🇵, you will always be kept in a piece of my heart.

Beyond the thousands of altars that are in the streets to thousands and even millions of gods, I know that one day there will only be Churches that worship Christ and a revival poured out in their streets.

Nepal, you belong to Jesus!

PS: This photo is from the day we arrived at an isolated village in the middle of the cold Himalayan mountains, we had to walk a lot to get there and it was all uphill, I thought it will be impossible to reach our destination but we made it there. When we arrived, everyone looked at us strangely, since it was not common to see foreigners in the town. The children with their suspicious faces gathered and looked at us from afar. I was the first to approach them but when I took a step toward them they took two steps back. I sat down so they could get comfortable with me. Their confidence began to build up as I started running towards them. Gradually, they began laughing. Minutes later we were all playing and we ended up preaching the gospel and praying to the whole town. That day was really unforgettable and tattooed in our hearts.

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